HSV: Newcomer Onana only knows full stages from stories

“I’m looking forward to the great challenge of playing at this great club with these great fans and developing myself further.”

Point two from his summer opening speech in Hamburg is going great. But Amadou Onana (19) has to wait a little longer for the fans.

Onana, the HSV professional who has never played in a really big, crowded stadium! He only knows 57,000 fans in the Volksparkstadion from stories.

10 053 spectators are the record of the Belgian – in the sad 1: 4 in the cup in Dresden. Onana headed the consolation goal. In his own stadium, the midfielder was able to experience a total of 3000 spectators in the games against Düsseldorf (2: 1), Würzburg (3: 1) and in the derby against St. Pauli (2: 2).

Otherwise, corona ghost games are his everyday life – and the five to twelve lapwings that drop by during training.

The atmosphere full of arenas, the other emotions, the fire from the stands – Onana has not yet been tested under these pressure conditions. Previously in Hoffenheim he played 65 times in the youth group. Perhaps there were 100 spectators strolling around in the Youth League (the European Cup for the A-Juniors).

Sports director Michael Mutzel (41) is convinced that Onana will stand up even when the hut is full: “The way I judge him as a guy, he gets along well in front of a large crowd. He’s not making a big record there. “


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