HSV: Moritz Heyer only feels positive pressure before the city derby

When HSV pulled up to the Millerntor before the last city duels, the professionals knew what to expect. Eggs, bottles and firecrackers were thrown at the team bus.

Monday it should be much quieter. The first ghost derby. In the first leg (2: 2) there were still a modest 1000 spectators in the Volkspark.

Moritz Heyer (25): “We’re really looking forward to the game. Even if it unfortunately takes place without a spectator. That is of course a very, very shame. “

The Hamburg cracker in front of empty ranks – how do the professionals experience it?

The HSV all-rounder: “Each of us knows what kind of game it is. You can definitely feel it. Of course, it would be even more extreme with spectators. We can’t change that. We have to make the best of it. And on Monday try to keep the points with us. “

Will the players miss the hot atmosphere when they cover the last few meters in front of the arena on the bus?

Heyer switches off anyway: “I have my routine from game to game, try to stay with myself. It is very important not to be confused by external influences. “

The fan camps in the city will watch the sixth second division derby on TV. “It’s something special for the players to show in the city derby that they have the better team and that they absolutely want to win the game. It is very clear that that is the goal, ”says the ex-Osnabrück resident. And with a view to the loyal supporters: “With them in the stadium everything would be much more intense.”


HSV is under double pressure. After three games without a win and a pitiful 2: 3 at the bottom of Würzburg, points are urgently needed.

On the other hand, the team of trainer Daniel Thioune (46) urgently needs to do something for their position in the city. In the past three duels, HSV only came to one point.

Heyer: “We go in with the attitude that we want to win the game and do everything we can to achieve it. The most important thing is that we get back on the road to success after a defeat. “

And further: “There is positive pressure that you can get back on the pitch and do better than last week.”

The tension should have grown internally for a long time. After St. Pauli, Kiel (8 March) and Bochum (12 March) are the next big hits. And – many fans feel strongly reminded of the past two seasons after the recent dip in points.

Both times the Hamburgers gambled away their good starting position with a catastrophic spring – and gambled away the promotion.

Heyer doesn’t want to draw parallels: “We have a new team with lots of new players. I don’t think you can compare it with last year. “

And about the game in Würzburg: “We know that we didn’t bring the performance onto the pitch. We have to chalk that up. Monday it goes on. We really want to win there. If we perform well, we have a good chance. “


Heyer is the only professional for whom Hamburg paid a transfer fee in the summer. 600,000 euros went to Osnabrück, supplements flow with the rise.

The defensive all-rounder clearly met expectations. With 1865 minutes he is the record professional. No one was on the pitch more often. Nobody played any more positions.

He says of his new home: “I feel good, I arrived safely. Not much is possible at the moment, of course. So I can concentrate on football and have a little more time for my studies. At least for me there are also advantages … “

There are still three semesters to go. Then Heyer wants to graduate with a “Bachelor of Sport Business Management”: “I try to do an hour every day. When exams are just around the corner, it’s a little bit more. “

Will the HSV professional end up on the executive floor of a football club later?

“I wanted to train my head on the side,” says Heyer. “I don’t want to commit myself to that. I hope I can play for a few more years. Then I’ll worry about it. “


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