HSV: Heiko Westermann: 2nd league is a disaster for Schalke and HSV

The countdown is running! On Friday (23.7.) HSV will start the season at the relegated Schalke 04. A real classic!

In line with this, TV broadcaster Sky has signed ex-professional Heiko Westermann (37) as a co-commentator. Sure, because “HW4” made the most competitive games of his career as a defender for Hamburg (173 appearances) and Schalke (123).

BILD: Do you feel sad when you think that your two ex-teams are now second division? Westermann: “I think it is a real disaster for both clubs that they have been relegated.”

BILD: HSV is now trying for the fourth time to finally leave this league at the top. It’s been a new feeling for Schalke since returning to the Bundesliga in 1991 …

Westermann: “It is indeed a new world for Schalke. The club will certainly not know exactly what to expect. It feels like Schalke hasn’t won a game for a year. ”

BILD: And HSV is trying again with the new coach Tim Walter. How do you see Hamburg from the outside?

Westermann: “Like many others, I just can’t understand how you can break in three times in a row after an excellent first half of the season and then miss the promotion. Despite the renewed non-ascent, in my opinion it has remained quite calm by Hamburg standards. ”

BILD: Schalke against HSV as the start of the 2nd division …

Westermann: “Years ago nobody would have thought that such a mating could happen in this class.”

BILD: Are you excited about this special game?

Westermann: “Naturally. But not only because I’ve never done this job as a co-commentator. I’m always excited before big, important and exciting games. As a football fan, you naturally get excited about such great encounters. ”

BILD: How does the game end in the end?

Westermann: “I hope for a spectacle, 2-2.”


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