HSV Hamburg: handball players have three spies for the victory in Stuttgart

The HSV handball players put another scent mark in Leipzig (27:27). Tomorrow in Stuttgart (4 p.m., Sky) there should be the next points in the fight for relegation.

Coach Toto Jansen has three spies who can dissect Stuttgart (with new coach Roi Sánchez). Tobias Schimmelbauer (34) was in Stuttgart from 2010 to 2019, Manuel Späth (35) for three years until 2017, Jogi Bitter (39) until the summer of five.

Three spies for victory!

“That’s why it’s a special game for me,” says Schimmel. “Last year I never expected to be able to show up in the old living room again.”

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He had to organize 20 tickets – and cancel a wedding. “My cousin Patrick is getting married on Saturday in Düsseldorf.” His parents are traveling from there tonight, they “are staying in their regular hotel as always”.

The starting position: “Stuttgart is under pressure and is doomed to win. That can also be our chance, ”explains Späth, who grew up in the area. Family, parents, sister and friends fill the Porsche Arena. Späth: “It’s almost like a home game. That is why a victory would be all the nicer. “

The signs are favorable: Stuttgart has had Bitter as a life insurance policy in recent years. Now Jogi closes the HSV box. “The game will be kind of weird,” he suspects. But he does not have “a tear in my buttonhole”, “I made a conscious decision to take the path.”

Jogi wants to take the next step with Hamburg: “We have to keep working calmly, relaxed and factually. The result in Leipzig speaks for our top morale and that we have learned. The trend is currently very good. Even if we know that there will be setbacks. “


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