HSV: Fabian Nürnberger: “Hamburg means a lot to me”

Poppenbüttel, Glashütte, HSV, Norderstedt, Niendorf. He played for five Hamburg clubs – not bad for a Nuremberg man …

On Saturday Fabian Nürnberger (21) plays for 1. FC Nürnberg against one of his youth clubs, against HSV.

Allow me, Nürnberger!

“But Hamburg means a lot to me. The city is in my heart, ”says Nürnberger.

The midfielder made 14 games (1 goal) for the club in this series. Last season, the midfield all-rounder helped Nuremberg to win the relegation against Ingolstadt (2: 0, 1: 3): “I’m just happy that I could do my part with the two goals in the first leg.”

Nürnberger, the hamburger! “Most of my family still live in Hamburg. There are only a few good reasons to leave the city. I’ve spent most of my life in Hamburg, ”says Nürnberger.

And the wire to the Elbe continues to glow. “The friends who have helped me to be where I am now and with whom I am still in contact, they all come from Hamburg.”


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