HSV: embarrassment in Sandhausen! Is Thioune still the right one?

“My goodness, HSV – honestly …” A Twitter post yesterday evening from Madrid, by Real Star Toni Kroos (31), the 2014 world champion.

Four words that express everything. Oh god, what a ridiculously weak performance of HSV in the promotion fight! What an embarrassment! 1: 2 in Sandhausen! With the team that just came out of the corona quarantine, had hardly trained and was penultimate before kick-off. And the hamburgers were still well served …

A complete embarrassment that raises many questions. One of them: Is Daniel Thioune (46) still the right one?

The coach and his team were first place 16 times, even champion at halftime. But the trend is terrifying. Only two wins from the last ten games. The balance of a relegation.

Five games before the end of the season, the condition of the team is a major concern. There is no passion, a game idea is not recognizable, zero fire, little willingness to run – and there is no longer a strong professional on the lawn.

Thioune was served, said on Sky: “We got another one, went back on the boards. We lack stability in our heads and on the pitch. The difference was that the sand houses gave their lives on the square. We only started playing football when the game was lost. “

Keeper Sven Ulreich (32) was similarly horrified: “We didn’t take place for the first 60 minutes. Sandhausen showed us how to do it. It’s very disappointing. But we don’t give up, we will fight to the end. “

Can the trainer do that too? Thioune is well on the way to joining the ranks of his unsuccessful predecessors Hannes Wolf (40) and Dieter Hecking (56)

Last season, Hecking was allowed to coach the final 1: 5 against Sandhausen and the failure at the relegation place. Then it was over for him. But actually everything went wrong before. And the HSV bosses just watched.

Will Jonas Boldt (39) remain inactive this time too? It is known that the sports board has a very close relationship with Horst Hrubesch (70). He works as a talent boss at the HSV boarding school. And might be available.

On Sunday this unsettled team, which doesn’t seem to get its nerves on the right track, has the next away hurdle ahead of them. In Regensburg we have to win again. But with which kickers?

Thioune: “In Sandhausen I could have changed ten players at half-time.” The coach relies on the days together in the south: “Now it’s all about your head and about to close your ears.”

The fans close their eyes at this HSV …


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