HSV: Dieter Hecking: “Hamburg and Hanover are above the others”

“HSV buys pressure for promotion”. This was the headline of BILD on Monday.

Simon Terodde (32 / previously Cologne), Toni Leistner (30 / Queens Park Rangers), Sven Ulreich (32 / Bavaria) – sports director Jonas Boldt (38) has upgraded the squad for the promotion campaign with three top-class players.

What is the balance of forces after the end of the transfer deadline in the 2nd division?

Dieter Hecking (56), ex-HSV coach and now sports director at 1. FC Nürnberg: “The league will remain balanced, the games will often be very tight. Anyone who comes into a run and can break away will benefit from it in the end. “

On Saturday, Hecking watched the game Hannover 96 against Braunschweig (4: 1). 96 convinced him: “You have a lot of offensive power and a good mix of older and younger players.”

For Hecking, Hanover and Hamburg are the promotion favorites: “It’s the two teams that are one step above the other at the moment. With Terodde and Ulreich, HSV has two entrances that make promotion a bit more likely. “

How does the Nuremberg boss see the competition?

Hecking: “Kiel will play a good round. They looked good against Paderborn (1-0, editor) and Düsseldorf (2-1), two Bundesliga relegated teams. Heidenheim has to find himself. Bochum has not yet scored so well. “

And what about Nuremberg, which is eleventh after the 2: 3 against Darmstadt?

Hecking: “We made the best of our resources within the scope of the possibilities.”

Manuel Schäffler (31) came for 800,000 euros from Wehen Wiesbaden, Pascal Köpke (24) for the same amount from Hertha BSC. In addition, the club brought talents from Bavaria (Früchtl, Singh) and from Leipzig (Krauss).

After finishing 16th last season, Hecking doesn’t put pressure on promotion …


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