HSV – David Jarolim warns: New captain can cause unrest!

At Schalke, Sebastian Schonlau (26) will lead HSV as captain on the lawn on Friday. For the first time in eleven years, a newcomer immediately wears the bandage on his arm. Schonlau takes over from Tim Leibold (27).

The last time the highest office in the team was filled by a new one in summer 2010 At that time, midfielder David Jarolim (42/344 competitive games and 19 goals for HSV) had to give way to central defender Heiko Westermann.

BILD asked the current coach of the Czech second division club FK Usti nad Labem: How did it feel to be deposed after two years as a captain by the then coach Armin Veh?

Jarolim: “That was really not pleasant for me. I just didn’t get it. Back then I had a certain standing in the club and with the fans. This decision was not particularly well received by the team. ”

The 29-time Czech national player continues: “Even with my experience as a coach, I wouldn’t make such a decision. That just brings too much unrest in the cabin. ”

The season away from home in Trinec begins on Saturday for Jarolim and his club. He has already made a note of an appointment the evening before in the team hotel: “From 8.30 p.m. I’ll watch my HSV game at Schalke.”

Then he has to go to bed quickly. His league opener starts on Saturday at 10.15 a.m. …


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