HSV crashes again – Thioune: We will all sleep badly

Even after the 1: 2 bankruptcy against Darmstadt there was again the circle of players with coach Daniel Thioune (46). He summarized the content of his speech as follows: “Either we defend ourselves against all opposition – or we surrender.”

It was the sixth defeat of the season for HSV, six game days before the end of a dramatic one. It looks like HSV will run out of breath in the final sprint for the third time in a row.

The memory of double failure is one of the resistances that Thioune thinks: “We have to break it, here you are always fast in the past. But we are in the present. “

And it’s bitter. Thioune: “We are all disappointed and will all sleep badly. It’s unfortunate that we now have a 14-day break. ”HSV will probably only continue against Regensburg (April 24th).

Until then, the Darmstadt bankruptcy is ticked off. Now it is still an issue. Thioune: “Defeats are setbacks, but in the long run we will come back.”

He quickly had the reasons for the bankruptcy ready: “We had enough options. But we didn’t defend with the same consistency as we did when we won against Bochum and Heidenheim.


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