HSV: 2 facts give courage: At the back, Hamburg is already ready for promotion

Before the new half of the football season begins, it is certainly the most frequent question: Will HSV finally manage to return to the Bundesliga?

The ex-Dino of the Bundesliga is currently in third place with 30 points (31:18 goals) after 18 match days, five points behind Darmstadt.

Is HSV on course for the first division? What are the chances of playing against Bayern, Dortmund and Gladbach in the coming season?

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BILD has been analyzing the promotion races since the relegation was introduced in 2008/2009.

► The good news: HSV defensively has what it takes to be promoted. On average, the second division clubs that went up conceded 35 goals. With 18 goals after 18 games, the Walter team is fully on target.

► Offensive it should crash a little more often. The newcomers met an average of 63 times in the opposing box. Means: with currently 31 goals, the Hamburgers are just below the average, have to step up a little.

► The current average point yield would not be sufficient statistically. If you extrapolate the previous 30 points by the end of the season, HSV would only have 57 points. The climbers collected an average of 66.

An encouraging fact at the end: A direct climber in the last 13 years enjoyed an average of 3.5 years of uninterrupted membership in the second division before he matured into a direct climber. HSV is currently touring through league 2 for just as long …


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