How to deduct teleworking costs from your taxes?

DECRYPTION – Computer, meals, printer, internet … Measures have been taken for these additional expenses. Explanations.

This is certainly a problem for the millions of employees who switched to telecommuting last year and who are currently filing their income tax return. If they can each year opt for the actual costs, or automatically benefit from a standard deduction of 10% for professional expenses, this year is added a small subtlety: how to deduct the exceptional expenses incurred for working at home like buying a computer, a printer, an internet connection or even electricity costs?

The government has decided to make it easier for them by providing that they will be able to deduct 2.50 euros per day of teleworking from their net taxable salary, or 550 euros over the year. An attractive measure on paper, but whose interest could be limited according to some tax experts. The case promises to be much more complex in practice depending on whether or not the company has paid compensation related to the practice.

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