How the Covid has shaken up the daily life of pharmacists

Posted on Oct 9, 2021, 10:13 a.m.Updated Oct 9, 2021, 10:25 a.m.

In the first line. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, pharmacists’ offices have been called upon on the pandemic front – whether for advice, tests or vaccines. Obviously, the impact of the health crisis on the finances of pharmacies and on the pharmacist’s function animates conversations in the spans of the National Congress of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Syndicates of France, which is being held this weekend in Lyon.

Contrary to what one might imagine, the health crisis has not always been a boon for the pharmacy network whose turnover in 2020 only increased by 0.2% to 36 billion euros, as a recent Les Echos study shows. Self-medication, even if it only represents 6.5% of the pharmacy’s turnover, has indeed collapsed (-10% to 2 billion) due to the suspicion maintained around Ibuprofen during the first wave, then barrier gestures that eliminated winter pathologies.

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