How Tech is innovating in the face of Covid

Filter mask, UV killer, air flow simulator… Actors are at the forefront in the fight against the virus.

After two years of a pandemic, Tech is providing answers to the pandemic. In addition to contact tracing applications – whose success remains mixed – there are new products, resolutely labeled “anti-Covid”.

Thus, Airxôm, a French start-up, was talked about at the Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week, with its mask supposed to filter out viruses. The principle is attractive, the device a little less, with its bulky design and a selling price of 300 euros. It should hit the market next month. For those who do not want to burden themselves, salvation can come from the sky, more precisely from the light. UV-C kills viruses.

Several manufacturers have embarked on this path, including Philips Lighting. But the whole difficulty lies in the fact that these UV-C are dangerous for health. To avoid any exposure, the Korean LG has developed a UV-C version of its Cloi robot. Designed to disinfect rooms in which …

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