How dresses have changed over thousands of years

Appearing from the time of ancient Egypt, up to now, skirts are constantly changing designs and materials.

Video: Glamor, CNN, Versace

In the past three years, Raf Simons, Rick Owens… or most recently Dior, Prada, Burberry have launched dresses for men, turning this style into one of the outstanding trends. Above Twitter nice Instagrammany viewers argued when they saw stars like Harry Styles, male models, fashionisto wearing skirts, wearing high heels…

In the history of fashion, the dress was originally genderless, for both men and women. From the 16th century onwards, when the textile industry developed, men still wore skirts but had the option of leg covers, socks, and trousers. Pants of this period still had wide, puffy skirts. Over thousands of years, from the original dress (the scarf wrapped around the hips and legs), the design has been continuously improved, becoming a classic, increasingly aesthetic, associated with the female image. gender.



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