Hong Kong movie ‘boss’ arrested

Billionaire Chau Trac Hoa, one of the “tycoons” of the Hong Kong film industry, was arrested for allegedly opening an illegal casino.

Follow Sina On the evening of November 26, the court in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China approved the arrest of Zhou Zhuohua and a number of suspects for opening a casino in mainland China, an act that was considered “serious” by the authorities. “. The case continues to be investigated.

Giant Chau Trac Hoa. Photo: Sohu

Chau Trac Hoa originally operated casinos in Macau with many fields such as real estate, cuisine, and tourism. His net worth is more than a billion dollars. Since 2007, he established a film production and distribution company. The businessman participated in the production of a series of hit works such as Poison Algae, Chasing Dragon, Ip Man 4, Slaughtering Lang: Greedy… Chau Trac Hoa also played a small role in Killing the Lang 2, The killer has not slept, The Wind Waves in Macau 3, Danger City, the Equator

Follow On, Chau Trac Hoa rich private life, many times became the focus of the entertainment industry because of love stories. He has a wife, Tran Tue Linh, but in 2014, Chau Trac Hoa publicly dated model Lieu Bich Le (Mandy Lieu). Then, to avoid his lover being stalked by paparazzi, he took her to England to live.

Chau Trac Hoa and Lieu Bich Le.  The model has three children with the billionaire.  Photo: On

Chau Trac Hoa and Lieu Bich Le. The model has three children with the billionaire. Photo: On

From 2014 to early 2015, when both his wife and lover were pregnant, Chau Trac Hoa traveled between Hong Kong and London to take care of and encourage both. Tran Tue Linh once proposed a divorce, but Chau Trac Hoa advised and made up with his wife.

Follow AppledailyLieu Bich Le once thought the billionaire loved her and would leave his wife to marry her. But after 5 years, Chau Trac Hoa did not divorce, she repeatedly argued with her lover because of this issue. The love triangle made her tired. In 2019, the billionaire transferred $38 million to Lieu Bich Le to bid her farewell.

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