Holstein Kiel: start of training! It’s tickling again at Ole Werner

At 3:29 p.m., coach Ole Werner (33) and his team entered 5th place in the training facility on Wednesday. Not a normal start in Kiel. Because instead of the first season in the Bundesliga, Holstein is in the fifth in the 2nd division since 2017.

There were just 25 days between the missed ascent and the first session. Extremely short to tick off what you have experienced. Werner still had a twinkle in his eyes after the 75 minutes. The coach: “The season will be a huge challenge. But a challenge is also fun. If it doesn’t tickle, you don’t need to do it. “

The motivation is great. Fin Bartels (34): “If you suddenly have to start running again after this disappointment after a week on vacation, then it is difficult. But now the whole thing is processed and the desire for new tasks and a great 2nd division. “

The Kiel team tackled them with 23 field players and three goalkeepers. Without Ahmet Arslan (cruciate ligament tear), but with Stefan Thesker, who still needs time after surgery on the Achilles tendon. The squad will change significantly. It is questionable whether the five people who have returned after loan will continue in Kiel.

Especially since the club is looking for replacements for Jonas Meffert and Jae-sung Lee, among others. Sports director Uwe Stöver (54): “We’re looking for a six, an eight or a ten and a striker.” He left the rumors about Bayern professionals Adrian Fein (22) and Fiete Arp (21) uncommented.

But Stöver revealed about the new storm giant Holmbert Aron Fridjonsson (28 / 1.95 m): “We had been on his trail for a year. He has a good back to the opponent, can clamp the ball and is strong with a header. It’s quite complete. ”And: The Icelander has a very well-known nickname in German football. Stöver: “He is called Berti.”

Holstein-Berti was also on the lawn at the same time. He didn’t score the first goal in the training game. The headed central defender Marco Komenda (24). The tickle is back.


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