Holstein Kiel: Rapp, a motivator! Coach gives hope in the relegation battle

A 2: 2 against the penultimate Sandhausen, 18 points, 15th place at the end of the first half series, risk of relegation. The situation is currently bleak in Holstein Kiel. The prospects are not!

Coach Marcel Rapp (42) is committed: “I am convinced that we will play a better second half of the season in terms of points.”

MUTmacher Rapp!

Since the 42-year-old (previously U19 Hoffenheim) took over the post on October 4th, the point average has increased from 0.71 (under his predecessor Ole Werner) to 1.25. If you extrapolate the number to the next 17 games, Kiel would cross the finish line with 39 points. They were enough to save 16 times in the last 20 years. And the chance of 40 + X is great.

The team has developed. As brutally annoying “(Head of Sport Uwe Stöver) it was 2-2, Rapp emphasizes:” Many things were good. We played on our opponents, put them under pressure, created a lot of chances. “With precise diagonal balls, deep runs and fast direct play That is how the two goals fell: Mühling on Pichler at 1-0 (20th) and Arp on Skrzybski at 2-2 (84th).

Big construction sites remain!

diploma: “If the game ends 6-2, that corresponds to the odds,” said Stöver. In addition to the goals, there were actually six giant things. Fabian Reese (58th, 62nd) left two (for a possible 2: 1). The outside: “We have to make better use of the last few situations. I too could have played a decisive role in the victory. “

access: Once again, hesitant defending led to goals. Three sensible attacks were enough for Sandhausen to score two goals. Soukou (25th) and Zhirov (77th) met.

“We have to keep working on that,” says Rapp about both construction sites.

► The third is called Gear up: A Lewis Holtby as the control center on the six and Benedikt Pichler as the only reliable goalscorer (five goals in eleven games since his engagement) should just not fail. Kiel has to take further action. The coaching team and sports management advise this week and take stock of the first half of the season.


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