Holstein Kiel: Fiete Arp whistles at the fan whistles at HSV

He was once the favorite of HSV fans. But that has long been forgotten in Hamburg …

Fiete Arp (from 2010 to 2019 with the club) was brutally whistled on his return to the Volkspark. When the Holstein Kiel striker (on loan from Bavaria until 2022) stepped onto the pitch in the 70th minute, a loud whistle broke out.

But Arp – who rose meteoric at the HSV professionals at the age of 17, stagnated and signed with Bavaria for five years and 25 million euros in 2019 – whistled the whistle. He even almost ensured the Kiel victory.

His coach Marcel Rapp (42): “It’s clear that Fiete doesn’t have to be motivated at HSV. He had a huge chance right away. “

Arp (came for the best Kieler Benedikt Pichler) escaped on a counterattack over Fabian Reese HSV defender Sebastian Schonlau and steered the cross on goal. Only a great save by Marko Johansson prevented the 2-1.

Arp took the reaction from the ranks with greatness: “Thank you to everyone who welcomed me positively. Awesome feeling to run up again in the Volkspark. “And further:” That we come back in front of the crowd after falling behind and can even win in the end shows what we can do … “

In fact, Kiel was allowed to be angry about one point. Lewis Holtby (31, also ex-HSVer), who made a strong game in six, shot just over it in stoppage time (90 + 2).


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