Holstein Kiel: 1: 2! Broken tip! And Stefan Thesker injured

The HSV fail, Bochum fail. And Holstein Kiel does not remain stable either.

Due to the 1: 2 in the top game at Greuther Fürth, Kiel gamble away the top of the table (one point would have been enough) and slip to fourth place. The first away defeat by a strange own goal by Alex Mühling. On top of that, central defender Stefan Thesker is out with a likely serious injury.

Attacker Fabian Reese: “We were very dominant for the first 60 minutes. Had a number of chances that we didn’t take. It is very bitter that we did not take anything here. We would have loved to have been on one. “

The crazy promotion fight in the 2nd division. Four teams with 42 points are now fighting for the Bundesliga.

Coach Ole Werner has to replace striker Janni Serra (torn muscle) at the anniversary (50th game as coach). For him, Jae-sung Lee comes out on top. For half the time, the super technician and Fabian Reese ensure constant danger in front of the goal of the weakened Fürth team.

But apart from a lightning gate, nothing countable jumps out. After a fine combination via Niklas Hauptmann and Reese, Joshua Mees (4th) completed the right corner. With the first dangerous action by Fürth, Nielsen (27.) equalizes with a 13-meter header.

Kiel continues. But Reese (33rd, 38th, 53rd) and Lee (34th, 42nd, 63rd) screw up the new leadership and more. Werner: “We didn’t make enough of the opportunities. That’s what I can blame my team for. “

Things get even worse for Kiel: Thesker (64th) collapses without the influence of an opponent, repeatedly grabs the left Achilles tendon and has to go down with support. Werner: “We have to wait for the next few days.” A break in the game. Fürth gets more access. And after a corner, Mühling (83rd) heaves the ball into his own goal in striker style to make it 1: 2.

Werner: “It happens very quickly. You shouldn’t spend too long with things that are behind you. ”Aue comes on Saturday (1pm).


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