Holger Badstuber: Media scolding against ex-Bayern star: “Like a schoolboy”

For the ex-Bayern star, things are not going well in Switzerland yet!

After the 1: 3 swatter at FC Lugano, the Swiss media attacked Holger Badstuber (32) from FC Luzern hard!

The “Luzerner Zeitung”: “Against the rapid Lugano counterattack, his lack of basic speed is evident. He also acts awkwardly in possession. “He was one of the” worst players by far “!

The tabloid “Blick” also rated Badstuber as the worst player. The newspaper also wrote: “The way he is danced out before the 1: 2 by Zan Celar makes him look very old.”

The “SRF” even calls him a “school boy”!

It is not the first time that Badstuber has been criticized so harshly. After one of his first games for the club, the “Zentralpass” wrote that Badstuber was “at best a caricature of his best days, so that he almost arouses pity”.

The ex-Bayern star moved from VfB Stuttgart to Switzerland in the summer. So far he has played 16 games there.


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