Hobbies: the trend for knitting classes

In Vannes (Morbihan) this is the trendy workshop of the moment: knitting for beginners. Mélody Hoffmann, the trainer, is a world-famous knitting designer. Thanks to social networks, she lives off her passion. “I sell knitwear patterns online, I also make video content, it’s a way of life in fact, the fact that everything is dematerialized and that I can work anywhere, it allowed me to come and settle down here”, explains the creator of “Bmandarines”.

During the confinement, creative hobbies helped pass the time. “Some have devoted more than 10 hours a week to it”, explains journalist Nabila Tabouri on the France 2 set. Online courses have been a real success, + 200% for knitting and crochet. Pottery classes also jumped 136%, online wine courses soared more than 800%. “This particular period also worries the French, they are passionate about astrology, they have more consulted the predictions on the future, + 44%”, reports Nabila Tabouri.

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