Hildmann’s “quiet secret”: Prussia coach loves calm before the storm

The clacking of the cleats on the stone floor slowly fades away, and the murmur of the players ceases more and more. Then suddenly it is quiet. Mouse quiet. Now HIS very personal preparation time begins …

Hildmann’s “quiet secret”. Prussia coach loves the calm before the storm!

It has long since become a ritual for Münster’s head coach. If his team goes out onto the lawn to warm up before the start of the game, he stays in the dressing room. Alone with himself and his thoughts. Hildmann: “I just need this quarter of an hour to get in the mood for the task ahead. Fully focus. “

While his assistant Louis Cordes (28), fitness maker Tim Geidies (31) and goalkeeping coach Milenko Gilic (49) make the professionals sweat outside, the phase of high concentration begins for him inside. “I pour myself a cup of coffee, go through our tactics and our match plan again in my head. I don’t want to be disturbed, “explains Hildmann.

He’s always kept it that way. In Hauenstein, Großaspach, Kaiserslautern or now in Münster – at all of its professional stations. “There is of course a bit of superstition,” admits Hildmann, who is currently unbeaten with his team in 15 regional league games, honestly.

The very last minutes before kick-off are always exactly and equally timed. Hildmann: “As soon as the boys are back and ready to go, we will form a circle in the middle of the cabin chaos. I swear it to my opponent one last time. Then it’s off to fight for them! “

He himself has to put on his own jacket first, then follows a few meters away. The Prussian coach: “In the past, when spectators were still allowed, I failed to soak up the stadium atmosphere at an early stage. But now, in Corona times, I won’t miss anything anymore anyway … “

A sworn bunch! Coach Sascha Hildmann and his Prussians have been unbeaten for 15 gamesPhoto: firo Sportphoto

Saturday at the home game against Lippstadt (2 p.m. / Hammer Straße) it will be the same again. Unless this meeting is also canceled.

Because after Münster’s away game in Düsseldorf was postponed from April 24 to May 12 because Fortuna’s U23 had to go into a 14-day quarantine due to three Covid19 cases, a Lippstadt kicker has now also tested positive. Thereupon the catch-up game of the Ostwestfalen on Wednesday at Rot-Weiss Essen directly canceled.

Whether the people of Lippstadt can still travel to Münster on Saturday depends on further tests and the decision of the responsible health department.


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