Hertha BSC: The victory plan against Frankfurt came about in the cinema

Presentation with a happy ending!

With the 2: 1 in Frankfurt, Hertha managed a small break and got the third win of the season.

One reason: Coach Pal Dardai (45) swore his eleven in a meeting in Hertha’s own small cinema on the club grounds on the tactics for the game at Eintracht.

HERE Dardai made Hertha fit for victory.

Hertha’s football cinema has 34 seats and was set up in 2015 during the renovation of the club’s academy. It is supposed to create the perfect environment to prepare for the opponent during the video analysis.

1-0 goal scorer Marco Richter (23): “We met in the cinema of our video analyst. We discussed different variants there and agreed on them. ”The midfield pressing developed in the cinema, that is, chasing the ball in the area of ​​the center line, was the key to victory.

Dardai proudly: “You can show the first half at every coaching training course, it was perfect.” And further: “It’s about defending together. Frankfurt has not found a gap. “

Has a good laugh: Hertha coach Pal Dardai is happy that his plan in Frankfurt worked perfectlyPhoto: Getty Images

Dardai praises: “It’s a collaborative effort. There’s not just the coach or just the team. It’s nice when the guys trust that too. “

If the Hertha professionals are so attentive the next time they go to the cinema, the next three points will soon be in the credits.

Dardai: “Now the boys have to stay tuned, they shouldn’t be satisfied.”


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