Hertha BSC: So the Dardai-Elf gave away the victory against FC Augsburg

Hertha gave away the victory against Augsburg, conceded the 1: 1 in the seventh minute of stoppage time. Co-trainer Zecke Neuendorf sees red, Hertha trainer Pal Dardai (45) is deprived of sleep!

Dardai: “I woke up at three o’clock in the morning and had a sleep disorder because the scene really annoyed me.”

It’s the anger about the misconduct of his players – and about the referee team.

BILD reconstructs why Hertha failed in the last two minutes – also because of their own inability!

90th + 5 minutes: The stoppage time of four minutes is almost over. But when the score was 1-0 (Richter, 40th), there was still a bit of serve because Hertha’s Torunarigha was on the ground for 70 seconds.

Davie Selke (26) is pushed against the corner flag by Augsburg’s Iago (24). Selke theatrically goes to the ground. Because he is likely to pinch the ball with his hand, referee Willenborg whistles for Augsburg.

Iago kicks the trapped ball, Selke screams. Pack formation! Herthas Jovetic, Ascacibar, Zeefuik and Serdar are involved. Stark, Jastrzembski and Plattenhardt also hurry up.

At the Augsburg corner flag, packs are formed. On the left, Niklas Dorsch asks about Davie SelkePhoto: City-Press GmbH

Dardai: “A mistake. Everyone freaks out and loses the concept. “

90th + 6th: Jovetic and Iago get yellow.

103 seconds after the scene on the corner flag, Augsburg keeper Rafal Gikiewicz (34) takes the free kick, around ten meters away from the crime scene. On the sidelines, Dardai and assistant coach Neuendorf protest.

Also because Ascacibar is pushed by Augsburg’s Jensen during the air jump and jumps past the ball. Now the additional stoppage time would have expired.

Now Hertha is screwing up everything herself!

Stark’s short clearance from the edge of the penalty area does not go out of bounds, but in the direction of the center circle. Ascacibar, Jastrzembski and Serdar run naively after the ball, missing in defense.

Suddenly there is disorder and being outnumbered in the penalty area – and that with a 1-0 lead!

90th + 7th: Augsburg’s Dorsch conquered the liberation blow, played on the right side, where Plattenhardt had three opponents. The free Jensen takes the ball and crosses.

Because Hertha’s defense has to shift, Pekarik (1.77 meters) covers FCA striker Gregoritsch (1.90m) – who heads to 1-1.

Too much for assistant coach Neuendorf, who sees red after the 4th official Florian Heft to referee Willenborg! Zecke is said to have held the clock under his nose and obviously pointed too clearly to the elapsed playing time …

Dardai: “We know that Ticks are passionate people. We love him for who he is. We apologize to the referees. “


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