Hertha BSC: No agreement with Zsolt Petry before the labor court

This lawsuit will keep Hertha busy for even longer!

In the dispute between ex-goalkeeping coach Zsolt Petry (54) and the club, a first hearing before the Berlin labor court brought no result. The aim was an amicable settlement. It didn’t come to that.

Hertha had released Petry after his controversial interview with the Hungarian newspaper “Magyar Nemzet” in April and finally resigned on June 30th. Hertha explains: The statements are not compatible with Hertha’s commitment to tolerance and diversity.

The Hungarian defends himself against the dismissal and appeared in person in front of the court, accompanied by his lawyer Peter Krebühl.

Punctually at 2.10 p.m. Judge Witsch opened the hearing in front of four visitors in room 334 of the Berlin State Labor Court.

Zsolt Petry (center) in the labor court with lawyer Peter Krebühl (right). Hertha let Dr. Johan-Michel Menke represented Photo: Paul Gorgas

It quickly became clear that an agreement is not in sight. Petry wishes to be employed again at Hertha.

Hertha lawyer Dr. Johan-Michel Menke (43), on the other hand, made it clear during the negotiation: “Further employment is completely out of the question. There is no return to Hertha BSC. “

At its core, the dispute revolves around the question of whether Petry, with his interview statements on the commitment of Leipzig keeper and compatriot Peter Gulacsi (31) for the rights of homosexual people and his assessment of European migration policy, harmed the club’s values.

Further points of contention: the doubt about correct translations of Petry sentences into German, the omission of utterances and finally the question of the extent to which Petry’s statements are covered by freedom of expression.

What’s next? Both parties have time to settle the matter out of court. What such an agreement could look like is, however, open.


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