Hertha BSC: Hertha trains here with pistols

Is Hertha getting out of the crisis here?

The training of the Berliners on Friday had a very special kind of shooting exercise ready. Instead of balls and goals, the professionals used the pistol!

Actually, a pure fitness unit was on the program for the team of coach Pal Dardai (45) – but the runs around Schenckendorffplatz loosened up the coaching team with a shooting competition, which put the professionals in a good mood.

Hertha totally balla-balla!

Similar to the biathlon, the players competed at six shooting ranges. The shooting was done with laser pistols like those used in the combined competition (a mix of running and shooting) of the modern pentathlon. There the athletes shoot a light signal at the target from ten meters away, the Herthaners were allowed to get closer.

Good mood! Coach Pal Dardai (r.) Is happy with Marco Richter – about his accuracy?Photo: Matthias Koch

Failed shooters had to run a small penalty loop in an adjacent place in addition to the running unit. The players cheered loudly for hits – especially striker Davie Selke (26) clearly had fun as a pistolero.

Not the first time that coach Dardai lets his professionals compete in foreign sports. The Olympic site, which Hertha uses for training, is also home to pentathletes. In the past, Dardai trained in fencing, another pentathlon discipline. This time it was about accuracy with the pistol.

Hertha can also use accuracy in the league. After seven games (and seven goals), the club is only in 14th place. In eight days they are going to Frankfurt – there the Berliners are aiming for an away win.


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