‘Hello Li Ho Han Anh’ – comedy film from tears

ChinaDirector Jia Ling cried so badly that his eyes were swollen while filming the comedy “Hello Li Han Anh”, about his deceased mother.

The work about motherhood is a Chinese box office phenomenon during the Chinese New Year. Page Thepaper judging that the movie won thanks to the sincere feelings of Jia Linh, despite the lack of art in some places. The film’s prototype is Ms. Li Hoan Anh, the director’s mother. Follow BeijingnewsShe had an accident while transporting straw with her husband, died when Jia Linh was 19 years old, just entered the Central Drama Academy. The actress could not meet her mother for the last time.

The scene of “Hello Lee Han Anh”. Video: Sina.

Pretending to be winged in her heart because her mother died suddenly. She regretted that her mother did not know that her daughter would become an actress and had never seen her perform. In 2016, Jia Linh made a skit Hello, Mr. Li, tells the story of how she went back to her mother’s youth, helping her to flirt with a boy she had secretly loved. Feeling emptied of feelings, repressed nostalgia after the play, Jia Linh decided to transform the skits into a movie. She wrote and directed herself because she knew that no one understood her mother better than her. Zhang Xiao Fei, who played Li Han Anh in the skit – continues to play Li Han Anh in the film.

Ms. Li Huan Anh, Jia Linh's mother.  Photo: Sina.

Ms. Li Huan Anh, Jia Linh’s mother. Image: Sina.

Jia Linh plays the role of Jia Xiaoling, returned to 1981, being a friend of her mother, helping her to change her destiny to be happier. The director brought many stories of his mother’s life into the film such as: 18 years old on a volleyball team, 20 years old getting married and the first person at the factory to buy a television. In real life, she was in pain when she could not see her mother in the hospital bed, so she made up for the regret with the scene where Jia Xiaoling went to the hospital to take care of her mother, Mrs. Li Hoan Anh was watching her son perform. While filming these scenes, Jia Linh could not hold back her emotions, cried so much that her eyes were swollen and had to film more than 20 times. The members of the delegation loved her but did not know how to comfort her. When the film was completed, Jia Linh wrote above Weibo: “Mom, Hello, Mr. Li Finished filming, do you see me good? “.

Jia Ling (left) and Zhang Tieu Phi in Hello Li Han Anh.  Photo: Mtime.

Jia Ling (left) and Zhang Xiao Fei in “Hello, Li Han Anh”. Image: Mtime.

The film is built in the direction of good money. The first half of the film has a humorous, amusing style in scenes where men and women flirt with each other, the second half tears viewers for mother and child love. Many viewers expressed their emotions at the end of the film, the screen showed the words: “In my memory, my mother is a middle-aged woman. I forgot that she was also an innocent, dreamy girl”.

The Lu Sinh pen of the sheet Thepaper said initially not appreciated Hello, Mr. Li, fear of film failure at the box office. “But the truth shows that my worries are redundant. In theaters, the audience around me laughs, sometimes sobs. Me too,” wrote Lo Sinh.

With the film about the deceased mother, Jia Ling became the most successful female director at the Chinese box office.  Photo: Bjnews.

With the film about the deceased mother, Jia Ling became the most successful female director at the Chinese box office. Image: Bjnews.

Jia Linh has many difficulties when making a movie. Particularly the script, she took three years to complete. When filming, she continuously corrected the line. But Jia Linh never thought to give up. “My life has never been so persistent and determined. This is the last thing I do for my mother. It must be worthy of my love for her,” said the actor. She was born in 1982 in Hubei province, famous for many comedies, and is judged by experts to be charming with audiences.

The film grossed nearly three billion yuan ($ 464 million). On Sina, experts predict the work will reach a total revenue of 5.2 billion yuan (805 million USD), in the top film in the history of the box office in China. Works with an investment of 380 million yuan (58.8 million USD).

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