Health insurance may not be heavy in Corona era, keep these things in mind before buying

The one thing that people are most in need of during the Corona period is health insurance. Since the Corona crisis, the number of health insurers is increasing significantly. But it is very important to keep some things in mind before taking an insurance policy, otherwise it may have to suffer losses in the future.

Read all the documents of the insurance company
When you buy any insurance, the insurance companies give you a lot of documents. They contain complete information about the policy, but most people do not get it. The biggest disadvantage of not having these documents is that you unknowingly accept some condition or matter of the company that may harm you. Therefore, you should study all the documents of the insurance company thoroughly and then buy insurance.

See insurance company performance
When buying a policy, people often insist only on cheap premium which is not right. We should not only make cheap premium the basis for buying the policy but also see the performance of the insurance company.

Critical Illness Cover List
If you do not want your claim to be rejected, then you read the documents and the cover list of critical illness carefully. Keep in mind that in case of some diseases, the amount of claim is relatively less than the sum assured in the policy.

Choose the policy that covers the maximum
Before purchasing a health policy, know that how much and what will be covered in it. Choose a policy that covers the maximum, so that you have the least expenses out of your pocket. Some insurance companies limit payments to hospital rooms and ICUs. After the payment limit is over, the policyholder has to pay. Choose only those insurance policies that cover your entire treatment (including room rent and nursing expenses) upon your hospitalization.

Do not choose the option of co-pay
Co-pay means that in case of a claim, the policy holder will have to pay some percentage of the expenses from his pocket. Never take this feature. Often people take co-pay facility to save a little money and reduce the premium, but this mistake should not be made.

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