head problem? FC St. Pauli in the fear trap!

Fought, beaten, frustrated…

After the 1:2 against Darmstadt, FC St. Pauli slipped down to fourth place. The reason: a missed first half. Hard to explain. At most with what is going on in the heads of the players.

St. Pauli in the fear trap! Is the ascent being gambled away between the ears?

Without a doubt: St. Pauli played a great game in the second half after being 2-0 down and would have at least deserved the equaliser. But it was only enough for Lukas Daschner to score (81st).

Coach Timo Schultz on the cause research: “We were too hectic, nervous, maybe one or the other has taken on too much. After a sleepy initial phase, we ran after the deficit.”

Goal scorer Daschner named the head problem in the team a little more specifically: “Maybe it has something to do with where we are in the table, that we might have something to lose after all, or that some people think we have something to lose…”

Sport1 expert Martin Harnik, who once failed to get promoted with HSV, hits the same note: “The fight for promotion is decided very much between the ears. Anyone who plays in the second division can play football, but in the end it’s the head that makes the difference.

And that’s exactly where it doesn’t seem to be right at St. Pauli at the moment. Against Darmstadt there were a few mistakes and turnovers in the first half, which were almost never the case in the first half of the season – and ultimately allowed the guests to concede both goals.

Captain Philipp Ziereis confirmed: “At the moment we just can’t manage to play a game 100 percent for 90 minutes. There is a lack of this tick to tear these things, to play as dominantly as in the first half of the season.

The recent unrest in the team about expiring contracts and possible bonuses – they did not help to reduce the fear trap. But maybe it helped slip out of the top 3.

Schultz: “Due to the excellent first half of the season, expectations were raised. We still have confidence in the squad. Maybe it’ll be a little easier now that we’re down from the promotion places. From the back now that some people are going to write us off. We definitely haven’t given up yet.”

The bad thing is that St. Pauli is no longer in its own hands. Even three wins including three at Schalke might not be enough if the competition wins all their remaining games.


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