Have you also received the credit card of World Bank, so be careful

Nowadays, many phones with credit card or debit card offers come to people. Many of these phones are made with the intention of fraud. Such fraud calls are now coming to people in the name of World Bank.

People are being offered a credit or debit card in the name of World Bank over the phone. But keep in mind that the World Bank does not offer credit or debit cards.

The World Bank has also come to know about this fraud. The World Bank has issued an advisory warning the people. In the advisory, the World Bank has said that no credit and debit cards are issued on its behalf. The World Bank said that the World Bank’s LOGO and name have also been used on the cards to be issued, which is fraud.

While giving warnings to the people, World Bank said that all customers should beware of such fraudsters. The World Bank has also said that for information about its policies and programs, you can take information by visiting the World Bank website www.Worldbank.Org.

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