Harry Lu filming in Taiwan

Actor Harry Lu participates in the film project “2049” produced by Taiwan, shown on Netflix.

The six-episode series is directed by Hsu Li-Da and stars Li Yijie, Chen Handian, and Harry Lu. Xiaoyou (Li Yijie) is always worried about her husband Dakai (Chen Handian). After suspecting her husband of cheating, she secretly uses a mind-reading device to save the marriage. One day, she meets a man (Harry Lu) once known. The incident turned him into a “third person”, causing many misunderstandings.

Trailer for the movie “2049”. The work is shown on Netflix, TV stations, and movie viewing applications in Taiwan, from October 16.

For the first time acting in a TV series in Taiwan, Harry Lu was excited. The actor said: “I no longer transform into a ‘male god’ character, but more thorny. I don’t speak Vietnamese in the movie.” His scenes were originally intended to be filmed in Hoi An. Due to Covid-19, the film crew could not go to Vietnam, so they changed the context and plot.

Harry Lu was not troubled by his fluency in the language. The emotional scene is also favorable because the female co-star is friendly and funny. At first, he was surprised because everyone in the group talked less, just focused on doing the right job and then went home. In Vietnam, the crew often chats with each other or gathers after filming.

Harry Lu attended the film launch press conference in Taiwan, took pictures with the crew.  Photo: Character provided

Harry Lu (far right) attends the press conference for the release of the movie “2049” in Taiwan, taking pictures with actress Li Yijie and producer Tang Shengrong. Photo: Characters provided

After the accident in February 2018 that required facial surgery, Harry Lu is now confidently standing in front of the camera. He said: “I no longer think too much about the scars on my face. I’ve gotten used to them and accepted them. In fact, I no longer play a role that focuses on appearance, so I have wounds or less shimmer on the screen. It’s okay, I believe the director and producer chose me for the role for a reason. I can only try to do the best. For those who love me, I don’t think they will because of that wound. hate”.

Harry Lu returned to Taiwan to film a movie, and was stuck for two years now. Thanks to that, he participated in Taiwanese showbiz more, acted in two movies and participated in advertisements for a number of brands. Before that, the actor had participated in a number of web-drama projects, so he was not surprised.

Harry Lu lives alone because his parents are still in Vietnam. Every day, he practices acting and learns from foreign teams. In his spare time, he plays sports to improve his health.

Harry Lu's face has many differences after surgery because of a motorbike accident.  Photo: Character provided

Harry Lu’s face has many differences after surgery because of a motorbike accident. Photo: Characters provided

Harry Lu was born in 1992, has a family of Taiwanese descent. He joined Vietnamese showbiz in 2013 through movies Idol. Top secret agent, Huong ga, The boy that year, 4 years 2 guys 1 love, It’s great to be with you…

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