Hansa’s all-rounder Rizzuto – now he’s also a manager

You can rely on this guy!

Hansas Calogero Rizzuto (29) was allowed to run in the 2-0 win in Kiel on his regular position at the back right. The full-back was a guarantee that the second division climber remained without conceding a goal. Rizzuto: “We didn’t play nicely, but we played effectively. We scored the goals in the front and kept zero in the back. That was a development step. “

Rizzuto cleared without a protective mask for the first time since the broken nose six weeks ago. The defender: “During the header duels I was a little afraid that it might crash. But close your eyes and go. “

Rizzuto – Hansa’s tough all-rounder!

The newcomer from Aue, who was brought in as a left defender, can left as well as right, back and front. And has been used everywhere by trainer Jens Härtel (52). Rizzuto: “As long as I can help the team, I’ll be happy to do it. I feel good on both sides, but I have to be more dangerous. “

Born in Saarbrücken, he is also versatile in his private life. He is currently working on his sports management distance learning course and is in the middle of the hot exam phase. “I enjoy that because you learn a lot about business and marketing.”

Rizzuto plays with the eye, already has a career in mind: “I used to sit in front of the Playstation a lot. At some point I realized that I had to do something about the time after football. Now I am laying the foundations for later. “


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