Hannover 96: Zoff start for boss Robert Schäfer

Thursday the future begins with the Reds – if it goes according to the plans of Boss Martin Kind (77).

Four weeks ago, Robert Schäfer (45) was introduced as the new 96 managing director. Today the ex-boss of Fortuna Düseldorf (2016-2019) officially has his first day at work. Formally, his contract is “open-ended” – it feels like his entry is “unsatisfactory”.

Does Schäfer have a chance at all?

Kind wants to make him his successor as a professional boss (managing director KGaA). Said at the introduction: “I am convinced that Mr. Schäfer can confirm through his performance that he is a good decision, also in the future for KGaA.”

But the club bosses slammed the door to the professionals – and locked it! eV boss Sebastian Kramer (45): “Mr. Schäfer will never be a professional boss here at Hannover 96!” The parent club rejects Schäfer because he is against the 50 + 1 rule, among other things.

Precisely because of this regulation – the parent associations decide on the professional boss, not the investor side – nothing goes in matters of child succession without the approval of the eV bosses around Kramer and supervisory board chairman Ralf Nestler.

Schäfer stands between the fronts through no fault of his own, starting small with the Reds today. Kind brought him through the back door, initially only transferring the management of the 96 companies “S&S” and “Arena GmbH” to Schäfer. For these items, 50 + 1 does not apply.

It’s hard to imagine that Schäfer would be content with his part-time job. Just as unimaginable, however, that the e.V. bosses open the professional door for him even a crack.

Welcome to Hannover 96, Mr. Schäfer …


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