Hannover 96: U23 instead of 2nd division – Ex-Bayern talent Evina sorted out

With 21 field players and three goalkeepers, Hannover 96 prepared for the game against St. Pauli (Saturday, 1.30 p.m.) on Monday and Tuesday. After their international matches, Sei Muroya and Florent Muslija join them, Marc Lamti (quarantine) only after the 6th matchday.

From now on, one of them is no longer part of the professional roster.

Coach Jan Zimmermann (41) has sorted out Franck Evina (21). The former Bayern young star (two Bundesliga games in 2018) is only allowed to train with the U23 as soon as he is healthy again. 96 announced that he was “sick” right now.

Zimmermann: “Evina will go to the U23. Because it is important for him to have a training rhythm so that he becomes stable again at the level. “

A nice way of saying that Evina has no future at 96 despite the contract until 2023. The offensive all-rounder came from Munich a year ago, but after three short appearances he was more often at the doctor’s than on the pitch. Unlucky Evina tore the outer ligament of her knee twice, most recently battling with muscle injuries.

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Before Evina, Zimmermann had already sent Moussa Doumbouya (22), Jan-Erik Eichhorn (19) and Grace Bokake (19) to the U23. Mick Gudra (20) had already voluntarily returned to the Regionalliga team in July.

Zimmermann: “That is not a demotion. The point is that they now play a more important role in the team than they do in our training group. “

From the initial eight talents, only Lawrence Ennali (19) made the breakthrough. Marc Lamti (20) and Tim Walbrecht (19) can at least continue to train with the professionals.

The other guys have to hope that they can recommend themselves to Christoph Dabrowski (43) in the U23.

Zimmermann: “We’re working on closer links and making sure that we develop players. We can not only measure this by whether these players get second division appearances straight away, but whether we prepare them well for them. “


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