Hannover 96: turnaround hope meets! Cedric Teuchert with goal against Werder

“He’s a super transfer. Ceddi has good depths, radiates goal danger, is a positive guy. “

That said Christoph Dabrowski (43) after the commitment of Cedric Teuchert (24 / Union). At the first appearance for 96, the new one met expectations.

A goal and a template for the debut against Werder (2: 2) – you can hardly expect more from a striker. “I am very satisfied with the effectiveness,” praised Dabrowski.

TORchert brings the turning point hope.

The Reds scored only 14 goals in the first 18 games – the main reason for the fall in 15th place. With two wins (1-0 against HSV, 2-1 against Ingolstadt) from his first three games, Dabrowski ensured a little rest before Christmas , was rewarded with a head coach contract until the end of the season.

With Teuchert and the second newcomer, Mark Diemers (28), should now look permanently upwards. Above all, “TORchert” should help to clear the gate jam. The Werder test was a promising start.

In the 16th minute Teuchert prepared the 1-0 after losing the ball from Bremen, Sebastian Kerk enforced it. After Niklas Schmidt (24th) equalized, Teuchert took the lead again.

Teuchert already TORchert!

And so the first Teuchert goal fell: Initially, Maxi Beier missed the finish after a counterattack, but stayed on the ball and played a great role for Teuchert who had run along with it. The 96-returner hit an untenable for Werder goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka with the left into the right corner. Marvin Ducksch (42nd) equalized to make it 2-2.

Teuchert already TORchert – by the start of the second division on Friday (6.30 p.m.) in Rostock it should be even better. “You can see that he needs a rhythm,” said Dabrowski, who repeatedly asked Teuchert during the test to be even more active at the front (“Ceddi, run through”). At Union he was hardly used this season (only 99 minutes in the Bundesliga).

Dabrowski was “all in all satisfied for the moment”. And: “You can see that the guys are burning and accepting competition.”

The goals conceded were annoying. Before 1: 1, the defense did not get the ball out of the back, then Gael Ondoua and Julian Börner straddled twice. The 2: 2 was preceded by a loss of the ball after his own throw-in. Dabro: “These are ball losses that we want to minimize in the future.”


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