Hannover 96: Trust in the squad! Christoph Dabrowski warns of winter transfers

The new boss is the last to arrive.

At 3:02 p.m. Christoph Dabrowski (43) enters the arena lawn on Wednesday. There his 27 professionals, the assistant trainers and physios are all there. A short speech, then two days before New Year’s Eve the preparation for 2022 begins – with the new boss.

As expected, there are no new players. That won’t change today either. Marcus Mann (37) is working on “one or two” reinforcements – from permanent engagement to loan. “But it has to fit.” And the sports director makes it clear: “If it doesn’t fit, we won’t get one either.”

Dabrowski would have no problem with that, because the new head coach trusts the current squad. Dabro: “I am fundamentally convinced of the potential. The players that are there are the best players that we have. I am convinced that the team has more in the tank than was brought onto the pitch in the first half of the season. “

But it is also clear: More must come from Franke, Ernst, Kerk & Co. This is where Dabrowski relies on his demand: “We don’t have to throw everything upside down.”

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Because winter transfers are often expensive and risky. “It’s always difficult to change a team in winter. I experienced that myself as a player, ”says Dabrowski. “There were good guys who had extreme difficulties acclimatizing themselves in such a short time. It’s not easy, so you have to think carefully about it. “

The coach and head of sport are in line. Better no transfer than a bad one.

The main topic between Dabrowski and Mann is different, confirms the coach: “We talk more about our development and how we want the team to be on the pitch. How can we improve and develop ourselves. “

He laid the foundation with six points from the last three games. But that can only be the beginning. “My feeling is that we have created a good basis with the guys who are there,” says Dabro. “I am very confident that we can do it.”

Even under (time) pressure. There is a relegation battle in Rostock tomorrow in two weeks. “We have to get on track quickly. We need success, we need victories. ”


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