Hannover 96: Ron-Robert Zieler as No. 1 – can that go well?

It’s a matter of trust!

The most important man is always at the back of the box. No other position is as special as that of the goalkeeper. His mistakes are goals against, cost wins and points – and sometimes even promotions.

After the surprise departure of Michael Esser (33, free transfer to Bochum), two goalkeepers have been fighting for the successor at Hannover 96 since Monday: The Dane Martin Hansen (31) and Cologne returnees Ron-Robert Zieler (32, both contracts until 2023) . The world champion is the clear favorite.

But: Zieler the No. 1 again – how is that supposed to work?

Because for 96 boss Martin Kind (77) the goalkeeper is obviously still a “persona non grata”, so an “undesirable person”. He would prefer not to have Zieler with the Reds at all – and admits that quite openly: “We had hoped that Cologne would sign him afterwards. That was actually how it was discussed. “

The disappointment about the return of Zieler was clearly evident.

No wonder. Ten months ago, Kind had chased away the world champion himself with the words: “If Zieler asks me, I recommend a change. He won’t have a chance with us. We shouldn’t have signed him back then. “

The disrespectful statements caused a stir in all of Germany at the time. The “players’ alliance” (including Hummels, Bender) protested publicly with a statement and sharply condemned the child sentences: “Without a minimum of decency, respect and professionalism.”

First chased away, now undesirable – and still number 1?

The new trainer Jan Zimmermann (41) deals professionally with the difficult situation. Zimbo expects “Stand now” that Zieler will stay. Towards the end of the preparation, he will make a purely sporting decision as to whether Zieler or Hansen will start the new season as regular goalkeeper.

And the world champion? Zieler has silenced himself for the time being. But maybe it would be helpful if Boss Kind would talk to the goalkeeper on his own initiative.


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