Hannover 96: Operation in Augsburg for Linton Maina

When the “silverware” collects dust on the bench …

With a market value of 7.5 million euros, Linton Maina (21) is the biggest jewel of 96 and the second division. But the wing runabout has not spread really shine for a long time. Now the next setback.

On Tuesday Maina will be with knee specialist Dr. Ulrich Boenisch operates. The red ones speak of a “small diagnostic arthroscopy”. Apparently the cause of Maina’s knee problems should be found during the procedure.

Maina is threatened with the fate of Noah!

Long overdue. Maina has been missing since mid-November and celebrated a surprising 11-minute comeback ten days ago in Regensburg (0-0). The surgical decision followed five days later. But another week is lost through the Christmas days.

Noah Sarenren-Bazee moved to Augsburg in 2019Photo: picture alliance / dpa

Internally, at 96, they assume that the wing turbo will be fit again “in February at the earliest”. But there is one more concern.

Noah Sarenren-Bazee (24) celebrated his Bundesliga debut for 96 in 2016 as the right wing flash on the Maina position and was celebrated as the “greatest hope for the future”. But the boy was extremely prone to injuries, only made 23 of 102 possible league games in the following three years. The move to Augsburg in 2019 also changed little. This season a short assignment, a total of only eleven (!) In one and a half years.

Maina is threatened with the fate of Noah! Small aches and pains or injuries keep throwing him back. In preparation he was missing three weeks after a brutal foul by Uerdingen’s Wagner in the test kick and only got fit three days before the start of the season. Then in November the knee fall. Maina’s last use of 90 minutes was in May – seven months ago!

The boy is blessed with huge capacities and outstanding speed. But last summer Wolfsburg only offered 3.5 million transfer fees, not even half the market value. There is a great risk that the Maina course will continue to fall until summer. Then the selling pressure increases for the Reds because his 96 contract ends in 2022.

Maina is the “silverware” of the Reds, but a bit dusty and scratched. The next few weeks have to show whether coach Kenan Kocak can make the boy shine again.


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