Hannover 96: Oldie Mike Frantz is thrown out of the squad, new chance for Florent Muslija

The 0-0 fight against Paderborn with only ten men in the end did the Reds good – even if there are already seven league games without a win. Even today in Karlsruhe, Jan Zimmermann (42) relies on the fighters troop. “There won’t be very many changes and surprises in the team,” announced the 96 coach.

But it doesn’t work without it.

Luka Krajnc gets the central defender job of the suspended Julian Börner, defends alongside captain Marcel Franke. In addition, Zimmermann is apparently only planning one change.

Another chance for Flo Muslija (23)!

The boy with the maximum talent and the minimum constancy seems to finally get the curve. Zimmermann: “Flo is very, very positive. The important goal in Düsseldorf gave him a boost. He didn’t go to the national team, stayed here and did a good job. “

Muslija should bring this to his home club KSC (from 2007 to 2018). Flo comes in for Sebastian Stolze (stayed at home sick).

Oldie Mike Frantz (35) was thrown out of the 20-man squad and was not allowed to travel to Karlsruhe in the first place. Instead, he has to train in Hanover on Saturday.

Zimmermann: “Against Paderborn, the team showed that they want and are ready. In the end we only get a different mood when we win games – and that has to be our goal in Karlsruhe. “


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