Hannover 96: Next Corona case! Mark Diemers tested positive

The Reds have so far been spared from a big wave. Nevertheless, the constant new corona failures are annoying.

Two back, one out!

Dominik Kaiser and Lawrence Ennali have been free again since Wednesday morning after a week of Covid quarantine. Both trained individually in the arena. That’s why someone else is out.

Diemers is positive!

Dutchman Mark Diemers (28) was still on the pitch on Tuesday but was absent on Wednesday after testing positive. He has no symptoms, but cannot test himself until next Tuesday at the earliest. Will he fail against Regensburg (April 2nd)?

Coach Christoph Dabrowski: “It’s unpredictable, you can’t prepare for it. But experience shows that the boys need a bit of time after that.” Like Julian Börner, Luka Krajnc and Maxi Beier recently.

Lukas Hinterseer, who needed almost two months before Christmas to be in top shape again after his corona illness, had to suffer particularly.


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