Hannover 96: Kenan Kocak: son cried after being insulted

After 18 months at Hannover 96, it’s over for Kenan Kocak (40). In the second part of the interview, the outgoing 96 trainer becomes very emotional.

BILD: Kenan Kocak, you are a father of a family, have mentioned publicly several times that your son has also suffered in the past few weeks. What exactly happened?

Kocak: “My sons Enser (10) and Eymen (7) have several 96 jerseys, 96 flags are still waving in their rooms, by the way. When I got home after a game, Enser was holding his cell phone and crying. ‘Dad, what are they writing about you,’ he said. I thought: what am I doing to my child? We then talked about it for a long time. I explained to him that there was praise and criticism, but the tone can get very rough, especially in social networks. “

BILD: Your family stayed in Mannheim. Was it worth the 96 job to put up with the breakup?

Kocak: “I want to emphasize once again that I was proud to be a 96 coach from the first to the last moment. Of course we had to sacrifice a lot, but that’s my job. We will do it again next time. The football business is so fast moving. And that is precisely why it is important to leave the children in their familiar environment with a football field, school and children’s room. “

BILD: You have agreed with Martin Kind to terminate your contract, which runs until 2023. When did you decide for yourself that you wanted to leave 96?

Kocak: “After the Heidenheim game (1: 3 on April 11, ed.)! Then I felt that it couldn’t go on like this. And then you have to be honest with yourself and with the club that it is better to part prematurely. “

BILD: How did the child react?

Kocak: “I am very grateful to Martin Kind, the discussions were very open and honest – and despite the difficult situation I felt a great deal of appreciation, which made me happy. By the way, that was something I dealt with a lot with myself. I even let my wife in on my thoughts late. “

Kocak with the BILD reporters Lars Beike (r.) And Florian KrebsPhoto: Lars Kaletta

BILD: Nobody is free of errors: What mistakes have you made?

Kocak: “There is a saying, ‘The bigger the mistakes, the bigger the lesson.’ And I’ve learned a great lesson (laughs). I don’t want to go into detail now because I first have to dig deeper into the analysis myself. But we certainly have to put up with the accusation that our top transfers did not ignite as we would have liked. Of course, I share the responsibility for that. “

BILD: 96 was your first big club. Were you too naive too? They sent Prib, Bakalorz, Zieler away …

Kocak: “With today’s knowledge, I would probably have acted differently. I was a bit too naive! “

BILD: Sports director Gerhard Zuber is facing the end, he has not trusted children for a long time. Are you sorry for him?

Kocak: “It is not my place to judge that. Other people are responsible for that. Gerry has to know what he wants and then go this way too. “

BILD: In your last few days you have repeatedly emphasized the cohesion and its importance. Did you and Zuber stick together too little?

Kocak: “There was always a lot of pure interpretation. I can only emphasize: Gerry never came to me and complained. We never had an argument. “

BILD: 18 months Hannover 96 are over. How are you going now?

Kocak: “I’m going back to Mannheim this week, I’ll just blow through and reflect on my time in Hanover in peace. And then we’ll probably go on vacation for a few days. “

BILD: Do you see your future as a coach in Germany?

Kocak: “I guess so. Even if you should never rule out anything in football. The time at 96 was very instructive for me, and I’m grateful for that. Now I always say to myself: You can’t learn something like that, you have to experience something like that (laughs). “


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