Hannover 96: Julian Börner: “My wife is better on the ball than me”

His bills dragged on like chewing gum. Now Julian Börner (30) is finally at 96 and made a strong debut in the 4-0 cup.

In BILD the central defender talks about:

► The change. “I don’t want to say much anymore. Football is like that, a lot of things have to come together. Now I’m here and I’m looking forward to what’s to come. “

► The time in Sheffield. “The club was turned inside out by relegation. But the two years in England were totally awesome. Sure, there is also 11 against 11. But the stadiums, the fan culture, 46 games, two cup competitions, you have to experience it. It feels different because football was born in England – and you can feel that. As a person, I have also developed enormously. “

► The past. “I had a great time in Cottbus, a wonderful time in Bielefeld and also in Sheffield.”

And with the 96 fans, Börner has almost cult status because he was there in Bielefeld’s legendary 6-0 win against Braunschweig in 2017 and thus helped the Reds decisively in their promotion.

“I look back very fondly! Braunschweig was able to move up, we had to win in the relegation battle. The 6-0 was indescribable, I made it 2-0. We then saw the videos from Hanover – how Bielefeld was cheered. Those are moments when I get goose bumps again. That was awesome! “

► His children. “My daughter Emma is 4, my son Emil Freitag one year old – when we were on the way to Norderstedt.”

► His wife Kristina. “My wife is definitely better than me at the ball (smiles). She was so the classic playmaker. And when we are on vacation on the beach, we sometimes hold up the ball. “

Kristina Börner played the Bundesliga in Gütersloh and was U20 world champion in 2010 under her maiden name Gessat.

“It makes me proud that we have a gold medal with the FIFA emblem in the showcase at home. A lot of people always ask if that’s mine (laughs). She is my first critic, and sometimes takes me volley. But she’s also the first to pat me on the shoulder when something is good. It makes a lot of things easier in everyday life when there is someone who understands football and the whole business. “

► His role. “Something is being created again here, and I would like to do my part – on the pitch and in the cabin. I want to lead the way, take responsibility. I don’t need a captain’s armband for this. A team needs more chiefs. “

► His goals. “We want to play successful football, develop and build something. That kind of thing also takes time and patience. As stupid as it sounds, in the end we’ll see where we stand after 34 games. I’m sure what I’ve seen here in a week: the troop is there, the coach and his team are doing a great job. Something is created here and will be successful in the end. “


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