Hannover 96: Ernst, Stolze, Börner – that’s the Neue Deutsche Welle

Maybe in the future they’ll play Nena’s “99 Balloons” or Hubert Kah’s “Starry Sky” in the stadium …

The Reds have signed three players for the new season so far. Sebastian Ernst (26 / Fürth), Sebastian Stolze (26 / Regensburg) and Julian Börner (30 / Sheffield Wednesday) all come free of charge. And the trio has something else in common.

Neue Deutsche Welle!

Ernst, Stolze and Börner are German professionals who all have a lot of experience in the 2nd division. Ernst made 119 games for Fürth and Würzburg. Proud ran 111 times for Regensburg. And Börner completed 145 games for Cottbus and Bielefeld, plus 63 in the English championship.

Makes 375 appearances in the 2nd Bundesliga! And zero problems with language, culture and familiarization.

A year ago 96 brought in Patrick Twumasi (27), who looked like a foreign body for a long time. The Ghanaian and five-time dad gained Champions League experience in Azerbaijan, but had great difficulties with the fast and robust football in Germany

“It is important for me that the boys feel comfortable and have confidence,” says the new 96 coach Jan Zimmermann (41): “I think that applies to everyone who works: that they enjoy coming to work, that they feel comfortable there and likes his colleagues. Then you are also more motivated and can perform better. “

The Neue Deutsche Welle with Ernst, Stolze and Börner should contribute to this. And with Sebastian Kerk, a fourth German professional with another 106 second division games (for Nuremberg, Lautern and Osnabrück) could be added. Zimmermann absolutely wants the dangerous midfielder (10 goals, 10 assists), negotiations are ongoing.

In music history, the NDW made German-language pop suitable for the masses at the beginning of the 1980s. At 96, the Neue Deutsche Welle should finally bring joy and success to the lawn again.


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