Hannover 96: Boss Martin Kind demands points and puts pressure on the professionals

Sporty crash, Jan Zimmermann, Robert Schäfer – 96 boss Martin Kind (77) speaks plain text.

BILD: Are the 96 worries up to Christmas Singing smaller than they are now?

Child: “We have to score, that’s just the way it is. We have to perform until the last first round match (December 11th in Ingolstadt, the editor) and should achieve a clear delta to the relegation places, including the relegation place. “

BILD: Is there a lack of quality?

Child: “We have to accept the real table situation and the real development of sporting performance. And that’s where we have to start! We have to get better and show all the qualities that the second division demands. And we also need efficiency in the gate closure, because that is missing. “

BILD: Does 96 have a striker problem?

Child: “If you want to win, you have to score one more goal than your opponent. And there deficits can be seen. It is now the task of the coaching team, in particular, to work consistently to ensure that the players we have put into practice and make use of their possibilities. “

BILD: You praised the purchasing policy very early on. Does that have to be put to the test again?

Child: “We – Mr Zimmermann, Mr Mann, I – are all of the opinion that the team is well put together, even if not all expectations have been met. The potential needs to be accessed. “

BILD: The team council met with Marcus Mann in Großburgwedel, you also stopped by. What is your impression?

Child: “I think it’s good, because especially in a difficult phase, communication, dialogue and critical examination of the development are necessary. The internal dialogue should also be continued. The sports management can say what they don’t like. But the players are allowed to do that too. I hope that will help us in the crisis. “

BILD: You clearly strengthened the coach’s back. Why?

Child: “We made a courageous decision with Jan Zimmermann and Marcus Mann in the summer. They also convinced us because they knew that they had no practical experience in the second division. When you talk about perspective, it means that sometimes it cannot be successful immediately and that there are setbacks. We were and are agreed, however, that a descent should not be an issue. “

BILD: Everyone wants it to work out. When would the point be reached where you pull the rip cord?

Child: “We will keep discussing things with those involved and working together to find solutions to avoid such a situation. It is nice that you can discuss these questions openly with Mr. Zimmermann and Mr. Mann. Your analyzes are good. The easiest thing for all of us would be if we win against Paderborn next Friday. By the way, one thing is forgotten in the whole subject … “

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BILD: What is it?

Child: “It’s the players who are on the pitch. You all still earn good salaries at Hannover 96. And that is why there is a legitimate claim that they also provide the appropriate services for their money. The players are just as challenged as everyone else. “

BILD: Subject Robert Schäfer. Do you still believe that your previous ideal candidate will eventually succeed you as a professional managing director?

Child: “First of all: He was the partner’s preferred candidate, we decided that together. It’s not about winning or losing. The eV cannot enforce another managing director if we do not agree. It is a stalemate – and in stalemate situations, solutions of reason are always necessary. “

BILD: Until when …

Child: “I am here! It’s that simple, completely stress-free (laughs). Robert Schäfer has a valid employment contract. This is not an issue that burdens me. “


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