Handball in Spain: mask requirement in top-class sport for the first time

Corona madness in Spain!

In a handball game in the Spanish first division between Abanca Ademar and Handball SinFin, all players and referees had to wear masks.

The reason: In the Spanish state of Castilla y Leon it was decided that any type of indoor sport in which there is physical contact with the opponent may only be played with mouth and nose protection.

A professional game in which all actors have to wear masks – that is unique. And above all, highly controversial: All players in the first Spanish handball league are tested for Corona on a weekly basis anyway. Accordingly, this measure met with little understanding from the authorities.

Mask handball in Spain!

Another problem: Due to the movement, the masks did not stay over the mouth and nose during the game. Instead, they kept sliding down. In addition, the performance of the players was restricted because breathing is more difficult under a mouth and nose mask during sporting activity.

As the game progressed, the mouth and nose protection did not fit as it shouldPhoto: elnortedecastilla.es

For the referees, too, playing with a mask was a particularly difficult challenge. They had to have the whistle between the face and the MNS and whistle without removing the mask.

Competitive sport with masks – it will be interesting to see whether other countries will follow suit.


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