Handball Bundesliga Füchse Berlin – DHfK Leipzig 27:28

Thanks to Niclas Pieczkowski, the handball players of the SC DHfK Leipzig celebrated a sense of achievement again after four Bundesliga defeats in a row. The ex-European champion met on Saturday evening in the final second for the unexpected 28:27 (18:12) victory of the Leipzig in a thriller at the Füchsen Berlin.

The best thrower for coach André Haber’s team was Luca Witzke with seven goals.

Like three days earlier in the 21:31 defeat in Kiel, the people of Leipzig in Berlin were plagued by considerable staff concerns. Especially in the back room, the staff cover was extremely thin after national player Philipp Weber had to pass because of his knee bruise in Kiel.

Despite the unfavorable omens, the Leipzig started furiously. Above all, the young backcourt players Witzke and Julius Meyer-Siebert shone with a high hit rate and led the extremely happy guests to a clear lead at halftime.

The Leipziger Rumpftruppe initially maintained their level even after the break and in the meantime expanded their lead to 26:18. After that, however, the Haber protégés remained without their own hit for over 15 minutes.

Berlin fought their way back into the game and even took the lead at 27:26, before Pieczkowski scored two goals for the Leipzig happy ending.


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