Hamburg Towers: Where will super talent Justus Hollatz play next season?

Great honor for Justus Hollatz (21). The Towers native was voted the best young player (under 22) in the German Basketball League for the second time in a row. With his contract in Hamburg running out in the summer, Hollatz is the hottest German talent out there.

The point guard has signed up for the NBA draft on June 23 (BILD reported). But Bayern and Champions Berlin have also asked advisor Dragan Jankovski (40).

What will become of Hollatz?

It is unlikely that “Juice” will end up in the NBA. The competition in his position is huge. In addition, his style (strong passes, strong defence) suits Europe better.

Hollatz sees the renewed attempt realistically: “For me it is important that I get feedback on which I can continue to work.”

In the “Basketball Department” podcast he said: “It’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work. If it’s somewhere in Europe or in Hamburg, it’s perfectly good for me too.”

Because Hollatz wants one thing above all: to play!

Should coach Andrea Trinchieri (53) extend to Bayern, it would be difficult for him there. The Italian is not exactly considered a talent developer…

It’s different with Alba. BUT: There Hollatz would probably have to queue up in the fight for minutes.

That’s why Hollatz says: “The Hamburg option is definitely not out of the question. When the Towers play in the EuroCup again, I don’t know what else other teams can offer me. But of course it is also a question of the coach.”

Because Calles’ future (contract expires) is also open.


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