Halle Silberhöhe: Another bomb discovered at the HFC before the bomb was detonated

Hall – It is already the 14th explosive device found on the site! While preparing to detonate an aerial bomb from World War II, another bomb was discovered on the construction site of the future HFC youth training center.

Specialists should try to defuse this on Tuesday before the other bomb is blown. A security area has been set up around the area within a 500-meter radius of the site, thousands of people in the hall have to vacate their apartments by 10 a.m.

“Almost 2,700 residents are affected. The gym of the Silberwald primary school, Roßlauer Straße 14, is available as a place to stay; Hallesche Verkehrs AG provides buses, ”says the city of Halle.

A total of 14 aircraft bombs have been found on the construction site in the Silberhöhe district since work began. Most of them could be defused on site, a bomb was blown up. In many cases there was no need to evacuate the people in the area.

Possible reason for the large number of explosive devices: During World War II, there was said to have been a flak position on the site that could have been the target of the American Air Force when Halle was bombed.


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