Hair loss haunts Will Smith’s wife

Jada Pinkett Smith – Will Smith’s wife – used to live in fear and self-deprecation when her hair fell out in patches.

Will Smith made headlines when he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars for joking about his wife’s bald head. Comedian connected to Demi Moore’s character Lieutenant O’Neil – who served in the US Navy – in the movie GI Janel 1997, also bald.

According to Peoplewhen Rock said “Jada, I love you. I can’t wait to see GI Jane 2″, Jada Pinkett Smith rolled her eyes while the audience laughed nervously. Soon after, the star of King Richard walked up to the stage, the action stunned everyone. Many sources said that the humiliation of Jada’s illness was too much for Wil Smith to bear.

Will Smith beat Chris Rock on Oscar 2022 stage. Video: ABC

Jada once shared with People she prides herself on her thick, black, and naturally curly hair that is characteristic of black women. A few years ago, when the hair fell out at a faster and more rapid rate, the actor was in crisis. Jada said that at times, steroid injections were needed to treat the disease, but the disease did not improve. Hair loss is an autoimmune disease that has little physical harm but can lead to psychological consequences such as anxiety and depression, according to researchers from the National Institutes of Health.

In 2018, in the program Red Table Talk Organized by her, the actress first shared about her illness that caused her to frequently cut her hair. “It was horrifying. I went to the bathroom one day with patches of hair on my hands. It was one of those times in my life where I was really shaking with fear.”


Jada Pinkett Smith before losing her hair (left) and at Oscar 2022. Photo: Allure, AFP

Jada used to wear a headscarf for a while to cover her falling hair. Last July, she began to give up her scarf and live with a new look. The beauty said it was her daughter Willow who lobbied her to do it. “She said it’s time for me to let go of sadness and self-doubt,” Jada captioned next to the mother-daughter photo on Instagram. For many years, the actor has actively mobilized people to raise awareness and share experiences in dealing with this disease.

More than three months before the Oscar ceremony, she shared on her personal page about her illness: “Right now, I can only laugh. Everyone knows I’ve been struggling with hair loss. I want to get rid of it. from that secret and shame. I had to learn the courage to walk. Now what do people think of my bald head? I like it.” At the Critics Choice Awards 2022 on March 14, Jada Pinkett Smith appeared impressive when wearing diamond hair jewelry worth $ 46,250 and a strapless dress.

Oscars red carpet 2022

In Jean Paul Gaultier’s dress, Jada Pinkett Smith (2 min. 2:21) is gorgeous alongside the stars on the Oscar 2022 red carpet. Video: Instyle

After Oscar, Will Smith’s slap caused many people to argue. A part opposes, but also many people agree. After deliberation, the Massachusetts congressman – Ayanna Pressley – decided to side with Jada. She wrote on Twitter: “Our bodies are not in the public domain. It can’t be made into a joke, especially when the change in appearance is not of our choice.”

Jada Pinkett Smith was born in 1971, raised in Baltimore. She became famous after her role in action comedy A Low Down Dirty Shame 1994 by Keenen Ivory Wayans. Her famous movies must be mentioned The Nutty Professor, Set It Off, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions… American actress married Will Smith in 1997 after the two met on the set of the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Their two children – Jaden Smith and Willow Smith – are both active in the arts, considered a new generation fashion icon.



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