Guan Xiaotong’s film became a ‘bomb’

The film “The Curse of Turandot” played by Guan Xiaotong, Dylan Sprouse, and Khuong Van was badly criticized, with low sales.

Follow QQ, in Chinese theaters from October 15, The Curse of Turandot (Do Lan Duo: The Curse of Dependent Origination) was called a “box office poison” because of its low sales. On the first day of release, the work earned 7 million yuan (US$1 million). Due to a lot of criticism from the audience, on the fourth day, the ticket price dropped to 970,000 yuan (151 thousand USD). Currently, total revenue is 18 million yuan ($2.8 million). Experts rated the film as a “bomb”, capital loss because it was invested 300 million yuan (about 47 million USD).

Scene from the movie “The Curse of Turandot”, directed by Trinh Hieu Long. Video: Sina

Page 163 comment The Curse of Turandot The film was heavily promoted by the film crew, gathering Chinese stars such as Khuong Van, Ho Quan, Quan Hieu Dong and international stars such as French star Sophie Marceau, American actor Dylan Sprouse… but the content was not attractive. . Film adaptation of the opera by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. Quan Hieu Dong plays Turandot – the princess is in trouble because of a curse from the enemy of her father (Kuong Van). Calaf – an orphan with blue eyes, falls in love with the princess and doesn’t mind to save her.

On the forum DoubanMany viewers think that the film has a multicultural element, but the script lacks logic. The director blends the Chinese fairy tale style with the Western fantasy genre, but handles the messy flow of the film, making viewers uncomfortable. The acting of the star cast was also criticized for not matching with each other.

Guan Xiaotong and Dylan Sprouse in The Curse of Turandot.  Photo: QQ

Guan Xiaotong and Dylan Sprouse in “The Curse of Turandot”. Photo: QQ

The Curse of Turandot was only praised at some points such as the majestic background, the image of two actors Quan Hieu Dong, The eye-catching Dylan Sprouse. The movie received a score of 3.4/10, on the forum Douban.

The female lead Guan Xiaotong is 24 years old, has been acting since the age of four, has appeared in more than 100 works, such as Silk Ward, Reincarnation, Infinity, If You Are The One 2, Confucius Xuan Autumn, Xuan Vien Sword: Han Chi Van, No Image… The actor paired with her – Dylan Sprouse – 29 years old, famous for the series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody on Disney channel.

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